Addiction Recovery Begins Here

Our clinical team at CSWFL consists of addictions specialists and mental health counselors who have experience in effectively treating emotional and mood-based issues including:

Anxiety and Panic Disorders:  Meet with our counselors to learn cognitive behavioral strategies to overcome your anxiety and/or panic.

Bipolar Disorder: Develop effective coping strategies to manage mood swings, allowing one to maintain healthy growth and progress in your life.

Depressive Disorders: a combination of psychotropic medication and therapy are considered a best practice in effectively overcoming depression.

Trauma: CSWFL offer trauma informed counseling, provided by therapists with significant experience and background in treating trauma.  Out therapists are experienced in dialectical behavioral therapy for trauma

Grief and Loss: Therapies designed to assist you in working through the stages of grief and loss, and find acceptance and peace with life changes and the loss of our loved ones.

Mental Health therapy begins with an in-depth mental health assessment where diagnosis and therapy goals are developed.

If additional services are indicated, your therapist will coordinate and recommend practitioners and programs in the area, which we maintain a professional working relationship with.  This way you know you will be seeing a qualified and effective practitioner that is congruent with our therapeutic approach.

Mental health therapies are typically provided in an individual setting but specialty groups may be available as well.