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Family Counseling in Naples, Florida

Family counseling is considered a vital part of the CSWFL counseling philosophy, especially with our services for adolescents and young adults.  Family counseling at CSWFL is a process where family members can learn about the various aspects of addiction, including the recovery process from it. Family members learn how to adapt and develop skills important to assisting their family member foster and maintain the changes made during the counseling process.  When appropriate, family counseling at CSWFL also allows family members to explore and process the role that their personal family dynamics may have on the development and maintenance of addictive behaviors in the individual seeking counseling.  Family counseling will also allow family members to process and achieve resolution of familial problems that have arisen as the result of those behaviors.

What is Family Counseling?

A very common practice is the addition of a family member during addiction therapy sessions. This is simply to be a facilitator and assist in the healing process, or it could be so the family can learn how to cope and best help an addicted family member. A family member will aid in behavioral understanding with personal relationships. Family counseling services includes a set of therapeutic approaches that use the family’s strengths and resources to help the addicted individual live without drugs or alcohol and to strengthen relationships.

Benefits of Family Counseling for Addiction

Participating in family counseling services can truly be healing for the entire family, not just the addicted individual, and the numerous benefits include:

  • The whole family will get a better understanding of the nature of addiction and how it affects the actions of the person suffering.
  • Improved communication from the entire family unit. Increased, open communication is essential to the successful outcome during the recovery process.
  • Building trust during this process is crucial. Lies and deception are often at the forefront during addiction, and the whole family gets the opportunity to regain trust in family counseling.
  • Being able to express vulnerability and true feelings is healing for anyone dealing with addiction. Family members can be angry or hurt over time, and they have a hard time expressing these feelings outside of counseling.

The main goal during family counseling at our substance abuse counseling center in South Florida is to spark open communication and to begin the healing process together as a unit. Strengthening family relationships during this trying time will facilitate a successful recovery process. Therapeutic family interventions may include learning what helps and what triggers negative behavior. It’s important to discuss family roles in counseling sessions to have the entire group on the same page during recovery. At CSWFL, we value everyone’s feelings and input, and we identify ways to interact that respect the needs of everyone involved. In addiction therapy, family counseling takes the form of educating everyone closely involved with how exactly addiction affects those around the person suffering.

Contact Counseling of Southwest Florida today for more information on how we can help you get on the right path to recovery with our family counseling services for addiction. It’s never too late to mend broken relationships while entering a life of sobriety. Family counseling can greatly impact your addiction journey and turn your life around.