Addiction Recovery Begins Here

Your Boutique Treatment Experience and Individualized Counseling Plan

Counseling of Southwest Florida prides itself on providing truly individualized treatment care, and all patients will receive a boutique treatment experience for their entire duration at our facility in Naples, Florida. Our services are individualized to ensure each patient will receive the best possible treatment that works with their mental, emotional, and physical needs and recovery goals. Our dedicated addiction treatment counselors guide individuals through the worst of their addiction and illness to a new, happier, and healthier life. We are committed to the treatment process and ensure ongoing recovery once your treatment is complete. It is never too late to take control of your illness and get the help you need.

Why Choose a Boutique Treatment Center?

A boutique treatment center, like Counseling of Southwest Florida, offers the perfect setting for healing with intimate and individualized care. Escaping the negative influences of your everyday life will allow you to focus on improving your health, and our treatment facility is set in a peaceful environment that will guide you through the entire recovery journey.

Counseling of Southwest Florida employs recovery support specialists to assist clients who may need additional support and guidance in the outpatient phases of our treatment program. Recovery support specialists spend additional time with clients outside of the treatment program setting to assist them in applying recovery strategies and skills and ensure our patients can develop the natural support system necessary to achieve long-term recovery. We teach our patients the proper relapse prevention techniques needed for challenging situations that may arise in the future.

The boutique treatment program at Counseling of Southwest Florida offers personalized and customized treatment care based on your initial assessment with our clinical team. We offer a variety of treatment methods tailored to treat your substance abuse or mental illness disorder. The true boutique treatment experience encompasses a combination of therapy sessions with unique treatment methods to successfully allow for long-term recovery.

Our Naples recovery center is fully equipped and ready to provide you with one-on-one treatment that addresses your needs and goals. Our experience in the clinical model setting has allowed us to treat our patients using a unique approach. The clinical model at Counseling of Southwest Florida teaches proven concepts and provides experiential learning opportunities for clients to practice during treatment and they have the chance to transform them into effective skill sets and habits. It is our client’s ability to practice these newly acquired habits and skills which allows them to not only overcome addiction, but to achieve wellness and overall health in many areas of their lives. Our clients will be able to achieve a sense of happiness that has not been present for a long time.

For the full boutique treatment experience, contact the Counseling of Southwest Florida today. We are here to help you regain control over your life and overcome your addiction problem or mental health illness. Our individualized treatment care has proven time and time again to treat our patients successfully and we continuously serve as a support system throughout your entire recovery journey.