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Mood Disorder Treatment

For anyone suffering from mood disorders, Counseling of Southwest Florida offers unique mental health and wellness-focused therapies to effectively treat the disorder. If you constantly struggle from finding emotional balance, and if your attitude and emotional state are unrelated with the current situation, then you may be suffering from a mood disorder. Effective treatments involving mental health counseling, unique therapies, and medication and lifestyles changes are necessary for successful recovery and it is possible to re-gain a healthy and normal lifestyle with the help from our mental health counseling center in South Florida.

What Causes Mood Disorders?

Mood disorders can include multiple forms such as chronic low-level depression, bipolar disorder, and substance-related depression issues. It’s important to understand what causes mood disorders and the common symptoms that come along with them. The main cause of mood disorders comes from an imbalance of brain chemicals that affect an individual’s mood. Researchers also believe that there is a strong genetic component to this disorder, however all mood disorders can be treated effectively so people can maintain a healthy lifestyle and strong relationships.

While many of the symptoms vary depending on the condition the individual has, there are common symptoms of mood disorders that you can easily recognize. These include:

  • Appetite changes
  • Difficulty sleeping and feeling fatigue throughout the day
  • Frequent crying and emotional outbreaks
  • Aches that an individual has difficulty explaining
  • Thoughts of suicide

Those suffering from bipolar disorder, which is a type of mood disorder, will experience cycles of depression and mania. This heightened emotional experience can last several days or weeks, depending on the individual. Each mood disorder comes with different effects and symptoms, and finding the proper treatment is crucial to the recovery journey.

Mental Health and Wellness Focused Treatment  

Successful medical treatments for mood disorders are readily available and the counselors at CWSFL are here to help struggling individuals enter recovery. We properly assess and evaluate all individuals before recommending a specific treatment plan and course of action. The unique goals and needs are included in this assessment and guide the recovery efforts before creating a tailored treatment program. The overall goal during treatment at our mental health counseling center is to help you decrease the symptoms of your mood disorder as much as possible to improve normal functioning in everyday life. In some cases, we combine our unique therapy efforts with appropriate medication to successfully treat your disorder and all our efforts specifically pertain to your needs. We offer many treatment methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy and individual and group therapy sessions depending on the individual. Proper treatment is essential to the recovery process and we can assist you every step of the way.

If you are searching for more information on how to properly treat your mood disorder, contact Counseling of Southwest Florida today to learn more about our mental health and wellness focused therapies. We can guide you on the path to successful recovery and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with limited symptoms.