Addiction Recovery Begins Here

At CSWFL, we believe knowledge is power.  The more we understand about drugs and alcohol and the affects they have on our minds and bodies the better able we will be, to not only achieve personal recovery, but to help our loved ones to achieve the same.  Furthermore, as parents, the greater the depth of our understanding, the more prepared we will be to guide and support our children through adolescence and young adulthood and the numerous potential pitfalls and traps, that are drugs and alcohol.

We have compiled this list of evidence based resources on drugs, addiction and treatment for you to download and read.  We are constantly updating these resources with current and accurate information, as it becomes available to us.  If you have any questions about the information provided, or about topics related to drugs and alcohol that aren’t provided here, please contact us and we will try and answer your questions.

Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction Info Sheet

Tobacco Info Sheet

Teen Marijuana brochure

Talk to your Child about Alcohol Brochure

Substance Abuse Treatment Info Sheet

Substance abuse and HIV Info Sheet

Stimulants Facts Page

Steroids Info Sheet

Spice Info Sheet

Salvia Info Sheet

Prescription Medications Facts Page

Opioids Facts Page

Methamphetamine Info Sheet

Inhalants Info Sheet

Heroin Info Sheet

Ecstacy Info Sheet

DXM Facts Page

Depressants Facts Page

Co-occurring Disorders Info Sheet

Cocaine Info Sheet

Club Drugs Info Sheet