Addiction Recovery Begins Here


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Our philosophy is that every person has incredible potential, and with that, the capacity to change.

At Counseling of Southwest Florida (CSWFL), we create a safe space and provide the guidance and support necessary to not only overcome addiction, but to harness that incredible potential. This allows our clients to reclaim success and effectiveness in many areas of their lives that have been diminished by their drug and alcohol use.

We believe that drug and alcohol use impact each person differently. At CSWFL, each client participates in the development of an individualized therapy plan, specifically tailored to address their needs and goals.

Furthermore, because drug and alcohol use typically impacts many areas of an individual’s life, our services are holistic and comprehensive, addressing every aspect that has been negatively affected.

We strongly believe that an indispensable part of achieving lasting change is to, not only learn how to stop using drugs and alcohol, but to also learn effective coping skills and life strategies.

Upon completion of services at CSWFL, our clients will have obtained the skills necessary to create an empowering context at school, home and at work.


There are many developmental factors unique to adolescence, which may contribute to drug and alcohol use.  These factors include a greater need for independence, rapid developing hormonal and physical changes, as well as a growing importance on social networks and peer associations.  At CSWFL our services are designed with these factors, as well as numerous others in mind, to maximize our effectiveness and give our clients the greatest opportunity at success.

Young Adulthood

Similar to Adolescence, with young adulthood comes distinct developmental factors.  These Factors include increased independence and responsibility as decisions are made about college, career and moving out of our parents home.  Without effective coping skills and strategies, the stress and pressure that can come with these life changes, can lead young adults to seek relief in drugs and alcohol.  Understanding the context from which young adults are living, allows us to accurately tailor our services to address their needs.


Typically, by the time we have reached adulthood, we have developed entrenched habits and behaviors, especially when it comes to drug and alcohol use.  With these entrenched habits come comfort and familiarity, even if outwardly they are creating unwanted stress and turmoil in our lives.  As adults, we may have had numerous failed attempts at trying to quit using drugs and alcohol, or reduce the amount we use. That comfort and familiarity, coupled with these failures can often make change seem difficult and maybe even feel impossible.  Our adult services, are aimed at building confidence and self-efficacy through the personal development of proven and effective change strategies.  With confidence and effective tools, even the most entrenched behaviors can be overcome.

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