Addiction Recovery Begins Here

A woman sitting down while receiving counseling from another woman.Addiction is a disease that can not only lead to horrible health problems but can also affect other aspects of a person’s life such as their relationships, mental health, and career. When a substance begins to have this type of control, it is time to get help.

Our Addiction Counseling Programs in Southwest Florida

Substance abuse can come in many different forms. At Counseling of Southwest Florida, we work with people who are addicted to various harmful substances. Our addiction counseling programs include help for:



Many people struggle to control their alcohol intake. Whether they are using alcohol to cope with negative feelings or they simply cannot help but drink around the clock, they need professional counseling. Our alcohol addiction counseling in Southwest Florida helps patients work through the roots of their drinking problems and learn not to rely on alcohol.


A hard drug, cocaine can be a dangerous addiction. Avoid the serious health problems and legal implications that can come with it by getting professional cocaine addiction counseling sooner rather than later. Let us help.



Heroin is a commonly abused drug. While some people may have begun by misusing painkillers, this abuse can lead to heroin use. Our addiction counseling programs include heroin addiction counseling for those people struggling to quit taking this substance.



The current opioid epidemic has brought national attention to the use and abuse of these substances as more and more people have started to abuse these drugs. If you are in need of opiate addiction counseling, you are not alone, and we want to help.



Frequent use of methamphetamine or meth is often accompanied by serious health issues and unsightly physical imperfections. To stop your health from suffering, a substance abuse program for meth addiction counseling can help you quit before your problems get worse.

Prescription Drugs

From benzodiazepines to painkillers, many people begin taking these pills for medical reasons as prescribed by their doctors but can become addicted to these medications. When this dependence occurs, it is not uncommon for the addiction to start spiraling out of control. To prevent this from happening, our prescription drug addiction counseling in Southwest Florida can help.


Co-Occurring Issues

Often substance abuse is accompanied by mental health problems. The two issues can become so intertwined that neglecting to treat both will result in certain relapse. Our dual diagnosis counseling works with patients to address both issues at once to promote long-term success.


Whether you are looking for addiction counseling therapies for yourself or for someone you love, do not wait any longer. At our addiction counseling center in Southwest Florida, we offer addiction counseling programs to help patients work through their addictions and learn to go on with their lives without the influence of drugs or alcohol.