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Group Counseling in Naples, Florida

Group Counseling at Counseling of Southwest Florida is a process where individuals can solve problems and resolve issues related to drug and alcohol use, through the development of supportive relationships with fellow group members.  Through a process of sharing and receiving feedback, as well as providing support and encouragement in a safe and supportive environment, group members develop skills and tools necessary to achieve a lasting recovery. The role of a Counseling of Southwest Florida counselor is to guide the counseling process, model healthy relationship and leadership skills, provide support and feedback to group members, and ensure a safe and supportive environment is maintained.  The benefits of group counseling at CSWFL are that it emphasizes the development of healthy interpersonal relationships, effective communication skills, and problem-solving skills, all necessary to the development and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

As with all services at CSWFL, Counseling groups are developed to address the unique needs of the individuals they serve. CSWFL provides counseling groups designed specifically for Adolescence, Young Adults and Adults.  In each of these groups, the unique developmental and cultural needs of the group members are the foundation from which the group counseling process is developed.

Why is Group Therapy Effective?

  • Groups create an environment with others who can relate to your issues. As you confront your substance abuse struggles, individuals who have a related experience will be there to praise you through the process, assist you in achieving your goals and any other help along the way.
  • Sometimes coping with an abuse problem as an individual keeps you in the dark about the real truths of your struggle. When you are placed in group counseling and you observe and listen to the related issues and even the same issue from another individual, it sheds light on your situation. Making recovery easier and faster.
  • When working in group settings it gives you the ability to discuss and interact with others in similar situations. As you discuss issues with other individuals you will recognize that you are not alone and that many share the same thoughts and feelings as you. Through these interactions you will be able to build your relationship skills, trust, and self-confidence.
  • Group therapy is an environment which naturally progresses to overcome substance abuse problems and addiction. Like a work environment, as you place yourself around individuals who are working towards a common goal, you begin to build similar attitudes and behaviors to one another. Therapy does the same, as you build a unit with the other individuals in therapy, working towards a common goal of recovery and a healthier life.

As you consider therapy, it is important to remember that you’re not just meeting with strangers, but other individuals seeking help. As you go through the process you will grow trust and relationships with the people around you. As you discuss issues, addictions, and your life, you will progress through a program, not with strangers, but your friends.

Make a change that can only better your life going forward. Develop the skills for self-recovery and develop relationships and friendships that can last a lifetime. Contact us today!