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Social Media Algorithms and Mental Health

Social media has become a staple of everyone’s life in modern times. While there are many very positive things about social media, there are also plenty of negative things about social media. One of the most negative aspects of social media is the fact that it has some negative effects on someone’s mental health. Further, the introduction of smartphones and other technology into everyone’s lives means that everyone is constantly interacting with their social media accounts and exposing themselves to some of the detrimental effects of the technology. In the following article, Counseling of Southwest Florida and our Florida addiction therapy explores the relationship between social media algorithms and mental health. 

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What Are the Best Sports for Mental Health?

It is no secret that playing in and participating in sports is a surefire way to improve some aspects of your mental health. Depending on the issue that you are dealing with, you may be inclined to seek a form of therapy that involves some kind of socialization. Sports are an excellent way to socialize with like-minded people and to get out of the house. Sports are also known to improve someone’s overall sense of well-being thanks to its positive impacts on someone’s physical health and self-esteem. So, what are the best sports for mental health? Counseling of Southwest Florida and our Sarasota grief counseling professionals are here to help. Continue reading below to learn more. 


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Does Social Media Have a Negative Impact on Mental Health?

Social media has become a mainstay in everyone’s life. Everyone has a mobile device with numerous social media apps installed on them, and one of the questions that accompany social media and its many applications is the impact that it has on someone’s mental health. Our Fort Myers trauma therapy has plenty of experience in the mental health field and is ready to answer any questions you may have about social media and its impact on your mental health. So, does social media have a negative impact on mental health? Counseling of Southwest Florida and our Florida addiction therapy center explore more about the social media effect on mental health in the following article. 


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Photos of a hurricane

Hurricane Effects on Humans Mental Health

There are few natural disasters as detrimental to infrastructure and human life as a hurricane. Being located in Southwest Florida, we know a great deal about hurricanes and how they can impact someone’s physical, mental, and financial well-being. Whether it is the loss of a home, property damage, or the devastation that one of these storms leaves your hometown, there are many reasons why people may be dealing with trauma. As an experienced grief and loss therapy training program in Florida, we can provide you with some very useful information on the impact that hurricanes and other natural disasters have on someone’s well-being. If you are interested in learning more about hurricane effects on humans, continue reading below to learn more from Counseling of Southwest Florida.


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Woman with an uncomfortable expression and her hand on her chest

Can Anxiety Make You Feel Sick?

Having some bouts with anxiety is part of the human experience. Whether you are starting a new job, meeting new people, or going on a first date, it’s common to experience the familiar uncomfortable feeling throughout your entire body. Your heartbeat will become faster, you will find it harder to talk or form sentences, you will become more self-conscious than usual, and you will experience some common physical symptoms. While it is normal to experience this from time to time when are the physical symptoms of anxiety too high to function normally? In the following article, Counseling of Southwest Florida and our Florida addiction therapy professionals take a closer look. So, can anxiety make you feel sick? Continue reading below to learn more from our experts.

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Man holding a cigarette

Does Smoking Help With Anxiety?

If there is one thing that smoking is commonly associated with, it is that it is frequently used as a stress reliever during tough situations. All over popular media, like in movies, television shows, and music, smoking cigarettes or other forms of nicotine is seen as a quick relief for spikes in anxiety or nervousness. This could cause many people that suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder or other forms of anxiety to try smoking to quell some of its most annoying symptoms. But does smoking help with anxiety? Counseling of Southwest Florida and our Florida addiction therapy professionals take a closer look in the following article. 


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Dealing with Grief and Loss in Recovery

Dealing With Grief and Loss in Recovery Tips 

One of the most traumatic and important events that someone has to deal with is the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, many people have to deal with this event when they are undergoing recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. This could either throw a wrench into their recovery journey or cause a relapse if people do not know how to correctly deal with it. In the following article, Counseling of Southwest Florida details some of the best ways that someone can begin dealing with grief and loss in recovery. Continue reading below to learn more from our Florida addiction therapy professionals. 

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People in Group Therapy

Group vs. Individual Therapy

Group vs. Individual Therapy in Mental Health 

When it comes to someone that needs therapy, they will often try to discover if either group or individual therapy is best for them. As one of the top Florida addiction therapy centers available, Counseling of Southwest Florida is extremely well-versed in both therapy methods and their advantages and disadvantages. If you do not know which method is best for you, the following article is the perfect place to start. Continue reading below to learn more about group vs. individual therapy. 

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heart made out of hands

Celebrate World Humanitarian Day

If you want to celebrate World Humanitarian Day, mark your calendar for Friday, August 19th. The United Nations (UN) General Assembly founded this day in 2009 as a way to honor humanitarians across the globe.1 But the day does more than recognize workers who care for the benefit of others. It also reminds us of the many aid workers, volunteers, and others contributing to making life safer and easier. Below, Counseling of Southwest Florida talks about humanitarianism and getting involved.

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