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Person Grieving

Dealing with Grief and Loss in Recovery

Dealing With Grief and Loss in Recovery Tips 

One of the most traumatic and important events that someone has to deal with is the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, many people have to deal with this event when they are undergoing recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. This could either throw a wrench into their recovery journey or cause a relapse if people do not know how to correctly deal with it. In the following article, Counseling of Southwest Florida details some of the best ways that someone can begin dealing with grief and loss in recovery. Continue reading below to learn more from our Florida addiction therapy professionals. 

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People in Group Therapy

Group vs. Individual Therapy

Group vs. Individual Therapy in Mental Health 

When it comes to someone that needs therapy, they will often try to discover if either group or individual therapy is best for them. As one of the top Florida addiction therapy centers available, Counseling of Southwest Florida is extremely well-versed in both therapy methods and their advantages and disadvantages. If you do not know which method is best for you, the following article is the perfect place to start. Continue reading below to learn more about group vs. individual therapy. 

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heart made out of hands

Celebrate World Humanitarian Day

If you want to celebrate World Humanitarian Day, mark your calendar for Friday, August 19th. The United Nations (UN) General Assembly founded this day in 2009 as a way to honor humanitarians across the globe.1 But the day does more than recognize workers who care for the benefit of others. It also reminds us of the many aid workers, volunteers, and others contributing to making life safer and easier. Below, Counseling of Southwest Florida talks about humanitarianism and getting involved.

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Stressed dad sitting at table with child

Exploring the Mental Health of Fathers

“Walk it off!” “Rub some dirt on it!” “Man up!” These are, unfortunately, some of the phrases highlighting a toxic mindset that are taught to boys from a young age. Whether explicitly or implicitly, boys are taught that if they show emotions, they are weak or “not masculine” enough. They are taught to always act tough and to not show if they are sad or upset. These harmful beliefs about how men in our culture are supposed to behave lead to fathers who struggle to acknowledge, communicate, and handle their emotions once they become fathers.

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Child Hugging Parent

How Children of Addicts Are Affected

Having an alcohol or substance addiction can be an immensely challenging issue to deal with. It can be a physically, emotionally, and mentally debilitating disease that negatively affects how someone navigates through life. An unintended consequence of having these addictions is how they impact those around you. That is particularly the case when it comes to the children of addicts, where the tumultuous environment these children are raised in causes long-term harm.

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A family sitting close together. The youngest boy is hugging his father while the mother and older daughter look on smiling

Guide for Talking to Kids About Mental Health

A fact of child-rearing that many parents, guardians, teachers, siblings, and extended family members will have to face is the very real fact that children, just like adults, can experience mental health issues. For this reason, it is very important to understand why talking to kids about mental illness is important and how to explain mental health to a child. To make the process easier, Counseling of Southwest Florida, providers of excellent group, family, and individual counseling in Naples, FL, have created this quick guide to help those looking to learn more about this important aspect of raising a child.

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A woman picking at her arm. Face is out of view

Drugs That Cause Skin Picking and Why It Happens

Drugs and skin sores as a result of skin picking are not only a common stereotype related to the people who have substance abuse issues but are also one of the very real physical side effects of the abuse of certain narcotics. Counseling of Southwest Florida has years of experience providing both group and individual counseling in Naples, FL, and has taken it upon themselves to create this quick overview of drugs that cause skin picking and why picking occurs. If you are worried about drug abuse in somebody you know and love, be sure to keep an eye out for pick marks as it could be a sign that drug abuse is occurring. 

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man with a beard holding his head in his hand

Is Memory Loss a Symptom of Depression?

When addressing the many symptoms of depression there are a few classic symptoms that will always be mentioned whenever the topic rises, notably sadness, anxiety, fatigue, loss of interest, appetite changes, and some physical symptoms such as headaches; but is memory loss a symptom of depression? Counseling of Southwest Florida, a provider of expert drug and mental health counseling in Naples, FL, has decided to tackle the question. This analysis was made in hopes that somebody who may be suffering from a link between loss of memory and depression may recognize whether or not they need assistance in dealing with the condition. 

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