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Counseling of Southwest Florida is a private group counseling center in Naples, Florida. Our licensed professionals specialize in providing counseling to individuals and groups of all ages that are dealing with a wide range of issues.






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    Types of Counseling Offered at CSWFL

    Our counseling center in Naples specializes in substance abuse counseling, as well as mental health counseling. Those struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol face many dangers both physically and mentally, and must seek proper treatment to reclaim control of their lives before it’s too late.

    At Counseling of Southwest Florida, our substance abuse therapists have the expertise to effectively treat the following addictions:

    • Amphetamine
    • Opiate
    • Prescription drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Cannabis
    • Cocaine
    • Heroin
    • Co-occurring disorders

    Additionally, the experts at CSWFL provide the following treatment services:

    • Drug and alcohol evaluations
    • DUI evaluations
    • Intervention and consultation services
    • Preventative and educational counseling services for adolescents and young adults who may be experimenting or recreationally using substances but are not yet diagnosed with an addiction
    • Supportive counseling and assistance to family members coping with a loved one struggling with addiction or mental illness
    • Specialty counseling for marriages exacerbated by drug and alcohol abuse
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Mindfulness Training

    Mental Health and Wellness Focused Therapies

    Who is Eligible to Receive Treatment at Counseling of Southwest Florida?

    Counseling of Southwest Florida welcomes those with court-mandated substance abuse counseling or mental health counseling in Naples, Florida . Those mandated to diversion programs or probation programs are welcome to participate in our counseling services. Our dedicated team will gladly assist those seeking counseling on a voluntary basis, or those seeking private counseling.

    We have a very positive working relationship with the Collier County criminal justice system. We offer court-approved substance abuse and DUI counseling services. Additionally, CSWFL accepts referrals for court-ordered programs referred through the Department of Children and Families, such as:

    Batterer Intervention Program

    A program for men and women that helps address the perpetration of violence between partners, spouses, or those with children together. This program helps the individual to understand healthy ways to exercise power in various situations.

    Parenting Classes

    CSWFL offers individualized and group parenting classes that demonstrate healthy techniques to deal with children of all ages. It emphasizes the importance of a parent’s awareness of their actions and how they can directly impact their children. CSWFL also provides parents with effective strategies for positive parenting throughout a divorce.

    Anger Management Counseling

    Our professional anger management counselors in Naples can help individuals achieve personal growth at the request of the court, a loved one, or an employer.

    CSWFL prides ourselves on our commitment and dedication to our client’s success. At our private counseling center in Naples, we will work with you every step of the way to create successful changes to better your life. Contact Counseling of Southwest Florida to get started today.