Addiction Recovery Begins Here

Counseling of SWFL provides assessments and evaluations to identify potential and current substance abusers at early stages to determine the type of treatment necessary for that individual. It’s important to understand the significance of individualized treatment and through our assessments and evaluations we can establish a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. At Counseling of Southwest Florida, we also offer court ordered substance abuse evaluations for DUI, as well as for county and state probation. We also conduct substance abuse evaluations for out-of-county and out-of-state DUI and probation related referrals.

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For court ordered substance abuse assessments, you will need to bring:

  • A copy of the results of your NEEDS Assessment if you went to a DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program (RRP)
  • A report from the Department of Driver Services or Department of Motor Vehicles detailing your driving history (generally dating back 7 years)
  • A copy of any criminal history or arrests, and a copy of the arrest report.

Any individual who has been convicted of driving while impaired will receive a judge-ordered drug and alcohol assessment mandate. You will need to be compliant with the recommended treatment that a judge orders, and you should take this process very seriously to get the help you need. Our DUI assessments show individuals the severity of their drug and alcohol use, which serves as a wakeup call for many. Allow our drug and alcohol treatment center to conduct your assessment so that you can begin the necessary treatment as soon as possible. Getting the help you need can change your life for the better.

Our programs help the individuals to explore their habits and behaviors, such as drinking and drug use, as well as the underlying motivation behind why these behaviors are occurring. Through treatment you will be able to identify risky indicators and you will learn the proper skills needed to prevent future relapses if there is a serious issue at hand.

Assessment and Evaluation

Meet with one of our addiction experts to complete an in-depth substance abuse assessment, which will assist you in understanding your relationship with drugs and alcohol, as well as the necessary steps to successfully treat it. Upon completion of your evaluation, you will have a better understanding of the scope and depth of your problem, and your assessor will provide individualized treatment recommendations that will assist you in making healthy and positive changes in the specific problem areas identified during the assessment. While DUI Assessments are required by a judge, you will find that they can be a huge factor in helping you identify a serious issue that may be present.

For more information on how to get started with your DUI Assessment and Evaluation, contact Counseling of SWFL today and speak to one of our addiction specialists. You can turn your life around by getting the treatment you deserve. It’s never too late to regain control over your addiction and start over.