Addiction Recovery Begins Here

Work one on one with a counselor in a private, safe and supportive environment to identify and explore issues and problems that are contributing to substance use, as well as those resulting from it.  At CSWFL , the counselor and individual work as a team, where mutual respect guides them in resolving the particular issues that are brought to the counseling process.  The benefits of individual counseling are that it provides a private setting to deal with issues, individuals may not feel comfortable sharing with a group.   Also individual counseling allows for the counselor to solely focus on the individuals unique needs  and issues, allowing the counselor and individual to deeply process and explore those issues, while developing solutions and insights to achieve resolution.

Counselors at CSWFL are aware of the unique needs and issues of adolescents, young adults, as well as adults,  and that is why individual counseling services at CSWFL are specifically tailored to address the developmental and cultural issues unique to those developmental periods.