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photo of people in a court-ordered DUI class

When someone finds themselves in legal trouble thanks to driving under the influence, a number of consequences could arise from the situation. For one, they could land in jail or receive heavy fines. For first-time offenders or those that the court deems have committed minor offenses, a court-ordered treatment program could be a reasonable option for them. For many people who are facing jail time, a class could be the best option for them. If you are interested in learning more about DUI Classes in Naples, FL, our Florida addiction therapy and therapy for anger management, professionals could detail what to expect below. 

Court Ordered DUI Classes

Court-ordered DUI classes are usually run by organizations like ours whose mission is to provide drug and alcohol education. As a part of one of our DUI classes in Naples, FL, members will learn about the dangers of drinking and driving and even hear stories from those that have been personally affected by it. These classes are usually conducted in a group setting, which has many different benefits. For one, group interaction provides the opportunity for many to open up about their experiences and bond with those that have gone through the same struggles. This kind of setting is more conducive to understanding everyone’s struggle and knowing what the consequences look like if they continue to go down the same path. Another advantage of DUI court-ordered classes is that they are generally appointed to those that want their license reinstated or to avoid any jail time. 

Court Ordered Drug Rehab in Florida

Another one of our popular services is court-ordered substance abuse counseling services. Like DUI classes, our Fort Myers trauma therapy center also offers court-ordered drug rehab in Florida. For those that have gotten a DUI recently, the court could order people to undergo some drug rehabilitation programs so that they avoid jail time and try to get their lives back on track.  With court ordered-drug rehabilitation programs, members of the class will also undergo group and solo therapy to help them with their addictions. There are many legal and personal complications that could arise from drug addiction, and our professionals make sure to help those in need. Our professionals make an effort to give members of our court-ordered drug rehab and DUI classes in Naples, FL the tools needed to live a positive life going forward. 

More About Counseling of Southwest Florida

Aside from detailing some of our mandatory therapy, DUI classes in Naples, FL, and court-ordered drug rehab in Florida, we help those in need with our wide collection of services. Our full suite of services includes: 

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