Addiction Recovery Begins Here

People in a group therapy session

Our Florida addiction therapy offers many programs that are designed to help those that are struggling with substance abuse get their lives back on track – whether legally or through proven addiction treatment methods. One of our location’s most popular services is our Florida DUI classes and court-ordered substance abuse counseling services. When someone gets in trouble with the law thanks to a DUI or other drug or mental health-related charge, the court will sometimes appoint a court-ordered class to help them get over minor offenses. Our programs assist those that need these kinds of programs with proven methodology and group therapy so that they can get their lives in order. To learn more about what these classes have to offer, continue reading below. 

Court Ordered Substance Abuse Counseling

There are many other kinds of convictions that may require some court-ordered classes or training. One of the most common includes helping those with substance abuse issues get the assistance that they need. It is no secret that drug and substance issues could lead to many issues down the road, whether legal or personal. For those that have minor offenses related to using drugs or other substances, the court may appoint substance abuse counseling as a way to correct their previous behavioral issues. Our experienced Fort Myers trauma therapy professionals are prepared to help you or a loved one with their rehabilitation process. Through our substance abuse counseling services, those that struggle with this issue will get both the legal and personal help they need. Many times, courts will alleviate some legal pressure on those in trouble if they go through a reputable program. 

Florida Court Ordered Mental Health Treatment

Our grief and loss therapy training in Fort Myers also deals with those that need court-ordered mental health treatment. Someone’s mental health is one of the most important aspects of their health and one that is often neglected. Many courts in Florida understand that those that have committed minor offenses sometimes need assistance with their mental health through a reputable organization like Counseling of Southwest Florida. Some of our mental health treatments are listed below: 

More About Counseling of Southwest Florida

We are a mental health and drug addiction counseling organization that is dedicated to helping our patients with some of the most updated mental health and drug and alcohol therapy services on the market. We have curated our full suite of services to best reflect what our customers need in accordance with the most effective services we offer. Some of our services include Sarasota grief counseling, court-ordered therapy, Batterer intervention program, and marriage counseling in Florida, among many others. Contact us today to learn more about our court-ordered Florida DUI classes and how they could begin to improve your life today.