Addiction Recovery Begins Here

Addiction is a horrible disorder that requires attention. When left untreated, some people will spiral out of control. They could lose their job, their friends, their health, and much more. Whether the addiction is a new problem or the addict has already hit rock bottom, it is important to get help.


Why an IOP Could Be the Right Choice for You

Addiction plays itself out in our behaviors, decisions, and relationships. Because it is a disorder that devastates multiple aspects of a person’s life, intensive outpatient treatment is the best option to overcome the addiction and also maintain long-term sobriety.


An intensive outpatient program or IOP allows patients to develop skills to change their substance use in a supportive setting, while also allowing them to practice and integrate those skills in their daily lives outside of treatment. One of the benefits of an addiction IOP is that because the patient is still exposed to their daily lives during treatment, they can get a good understanding of what is and is not working.


With a little help from an experienced addiction counselor, they are better able to identify and overcome barriers in their lives. This trial and error type format gives the patients a better chance of achieving long term change from their substance abuse.


Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Naples & Golden Gate

At our mental health facilities in Naples, FL and our Golden Gate counseling center, we utilize a graduated intensive outpatient treatment framework. Patients will start with 10 hours of treatment a week. Their schedule will be adjusted as necessary as they progress through recovery. Because patients are only in treatment part-time, it allows them to maintain the healthier and necessary aspects of their life, such as their supportive relationships or work while still battling their substance abuse problems.


What separates the IOP at Counseling of Southwest Florida from many other intensive outpatient programs is that we follow a comprehensive model. Substance abuse treatment should strive to touch every aspect of a person’s addiction. Our intensive outpatient care includes a variety of different programs and therapies to treat the patient’s addiction on every level.


Patients will participate in regular group therapy as well as weekly individual therapy sessions. In group therapy, our clinical curriculum is introduced and understood. Our clinical team will take this time to address the patient’s doubts, concerns, and confusion. Individual therapy sessions are used to process and explore deeper issues that clients may not feel comfortable discussing in a group setting. Individual therapy also allows us to focus on unique personal issues in a supportive one-on-one setting and monitor patient progress.


Get Help Now

Our intensive outpatient care could change your life. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with a substance abuse disorder, get professional help. We understand that addiction is troubling for more than just the addict. Watching a family member go down the wrong path can cause problems for you and your relationship. Stop letting addiction control your life or the life of your loved one, take a stand today.