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Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment in Naples, Florida

Addiction is a heartbreaking disease that has many people in its grips. Whether a person is addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, or struggles with another form of addiction, they may feel as if they are completely trapped and have no choice but to give-in to their compulsion repeatedly.

It is common for those suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction to concurrently suffer from a mental health disorder. There are many men and women who fight depression, anxiety, mood swings, intense emotions, and compulsive behavior that accompanies their addiction, thus contributing to the downward spiral of an addiction. The irony, however, is that addiction amplifies the struggle, and a co-occurring disorder takes place.

What is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

A co-occurring disorder takes place when a person is simultaneously struggling with substance abuse issues, as well as mental health related problems. These mental health issues can be triggered by factors like genetics, a traumatic experience, external environment, and life experiences. When combined with drugs or alcohol, the two disorders exacerbate each other, lending to the viscous cycle that is seemingly impossible to escape.

Co-occurring disorders appear in various forms. The following co-occurring disorders are treated by Counseling of Southwest Florida, our addiction counseling center in Naples.

  • Alcoholism and depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder and opioid addiction
  • Cocaine addiction and anorexia
  • Prescription drug addiction and anxiety
  • Alcoholism and schizophrenia
  • Cocaine addiction and insomnia
  • Heroin addiction and depression

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health shared statistics on the prevalence of mental health disorders and substance abuse. Their findings concluded that almost 9 million men and women are suffering from co-occurring disorders, also known as dual-diagnosis. Of those 9 million, only about 7 percent receive proper treatment for both problems. Additionally, the rate of homelessness among those with co-occurring disorders is increasing.

Trying to live with the burden of dual-diagnosis makes things like holding down a job, growing personal relationships, paying bills, and getting an education very difficult. Self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, and prescription painkillers may seem like the quickest way to get relief, but is severely damaging.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a co-occurring disorder, it is crucial to seek proper treatment from a highly trained team of counselors.


Find Effective Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders

Many facilities are not equipped with the tools, the training, or the staff to appropriately address a co-occurring disorder. Counseling of Southwest Florida is operated by an expert staff of addiction treatment counselors, therapists, and certified addiction treatment professionals with extensive training on the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Our team of professional addiction counselors provide individualized therapy as well as group and family counseling services to help our clients overcome the combination of addiction and mental health disorders that are creating a co-occurring disorder.

Our team of highly trained addiction and mental health counselors have the education and experience to provide intensive medical and therapeutic intervention that properly addresses and cares for both disorders at once. We believe mental illness is an underlying root cause of addiction, so our treatment approach addresses your deep wired emotions and brain function to better serve your life. Break the cycle today. Contact Counseling of Southwest Florida for more information on counseling for co-occurring disorders in Naples, Florida.