Addiction Recovery Begins Here

CSWFL Court ProgramsAt CSWFL we offer a variety of court approved counseling services including substance abuse, anger management and DUI counseling. We have developed an outstanding reputation over the years with the Collier County Court system, as well as with Collier County Department of Corrections. Our programs have been specifically designed to meet the criteria established by the Court system, department of corrections and the DMV. Our court-approved programs include:

Substance Abuse Counseling: Our drug addition therapy services are designed to assist you in increasing insight and knowledge into your substance use, while acquiring coping strategies to foster and maintain healthy life changes.

Positive Choices: This program is designed to help adolescents foster and develop personal motivation to change, as well as acquire healthy decision making and problem solving skills that foster and support a healthy, positive, life-style.

Relapse Prevention: In our relapse prevention program your drug and alcohol therapist will enable you to identify your relapse triggers and warning signs, and to develop relapse prevention strategies and skills that will assist you in maintaining positive changes made in treatment.

Co-occurring Disorders: These specialty services will provide you education, and access to resources that will allow you to effectively manage your mental health issues, while working through your substance abuse problems.

Anger Management: Our anger management program will help you develop new coping strategies to deal with anger, build self esteem and find ways to express yourself without violence.

Other Programs:We also provide specialized counseling services for parenting, Women’s batterer’s intervention, and loss prevention.

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