Addiction Recovery Begins Here

Addiction is a horrible disorder that requires professional treatment. When left untreated, some people will spiral out of control, losing their jobs, damaging their health, and disconnecting from family and friends. Whether the addiction has developed recently or the addict has already hit rock bottom, it is important to get help.


Outpatient Treatment Program in Naples & Golden Gate

Every addiction is different and should be treated as such. Counseling of Southwest Florida offers individualized addiction treatment programs that are dependent on multiple circumstances, including the client’s substance of choice, mental and emotional state, and duration of addiction. Our programs seek to improve each addict’s quality of life through a combination of treatments ranging from intensive inpatient to outpatient programs for those further along in their recovery process.


Why Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Could Be Right for You

Outpatient treatment is an ideal option for a person seeking addiction treatment and counseling while maintaining their family, home life, and responsibilities. A qualified outpatient treatment program, such as the one offered at our mental health facilities in Naples, FL and Golden Gate counseling center, will provide the same level of care as an intensive inpatient treatment while adding a level of flexibility that makes treatment possible for anyone.


Cypress Recovery Solutions utilizes outpatient treatment in conjunction with Intensive Outpatient Treatment to provide an extended treatment experience at a more affordable cost.


The 3 Phases of Outpatient Treatment


Phase 1 (Pre-Outpatient Treatment)

Our outpatient treatment program is utilized in phases 2 and 3 of our treatment process, after a client has successfully completed their initial phase of individualized intensive outpatient care. Upon completion of the Intensive Outpatient phase, our clients will have acquired insight and knowledge about their addiction, as well as a comprehensive set of skills and strategies to effectively overcome it.


Phase 2

Outpatient treatment in Phase 2 consists of 4 weeks, with 3 to 4 hours of group and individual therapy per week.  In phase 2, our addiction counselors are working with clients to ensure that they are effectively applying recovery skills and strategies learned in phase 1 and are achieving positive results from their application.

Addiction counselors are working with clients in phase 2 to develop healthy life goals and plans beyond treatment, as it is our belief that, “A healthy and happy life is the greatest anti-drug,” and that a robust recovery process should provide that.

Outpatient treatment in phase 2 is also focused on assisting clients in developing and establishing their natural support system outside of treatment.  Developing a natural support system is a primary skill and strategy to our change process. By the completion of phase 2, our clients should have developed and started utilizing their support system, albeit with some reservation and discomfort at this early stage.


Phase 3

Outpatient treatment in phase 3 consists of 1 to 2 hours of group and individual therapy per week over a 12-week period.  Group therapy at this phase of treatment is focused on providing ongoing support and guidance as the client continues to work toward implementing their life and recovery plans, utilize their natural support system, and maintain stability with their mental health and substance abuse issues.

Counseling of Southwest Florida’s outpatient treatment program in Naples and Golden Gate aims to break the mold of addiction treatment and mental health counseling through complete transparency in our practice. Let us provide you or your loved one with the love and care necessary to facilitate a strong, lifelong recovery and stability. Call now to speak directly with a care specialist and make the change that will save your life or the life of your loved one.