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Recovering From Childhood Trauma as an Adult

Recovering from childhood trauma is a must for any adult looking to live their life in the most mentally healthy and happy way. If ignored, these traumas could cause other issues such as substance abuse and increase the potential for mental health issues. There are many different types of childhood traumas, and understanding the signs of them and how to then recover from this once identified is a critical first step in the path to a fulfilled adulthood. Counseling of Southwest Florida, providers of professional counseling in Naples’ greater area, present ways to identify and treat childhood trauma in adults in this quick guide.

What are the Signs of Repressed Childhood Trauma in Adults?

There are many different ways to identify people who need help recovering from childhood traumas. Some of these signs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Anxiety, fear, or uneasiness in certain places that do not merit such a reaction.
  • Unprecedented emotional shifts. An inability to control emotions and the constant shifting could point to pent-up anxiety tracing itself to childhood traumas.
  • Strange or strong reactions to specific people. People who seem a bit strange or odd could be the cause or suffer from childhood trauma. 
  • Childish reactions as outbursts. Things such as childish voices, tantrums, and stubbornness over trivial subjects are all signs of adults recovering from childhood trauma. 

On top of this, if you notice that you or someone you know grew up in any of the following situations, they could also be suffering.

  • Abusive household
  • Neglectful household
  • Alcoholic or substance-abusing parents
  • Living with a mentally ill family member
  • Abandonment, imprisonment, death, disappearance, or divorce in their childhood

How to Recover from Childhood Trauma?

Fortunately for sufferers, there are many ways of recovering from childhood traumas, some could be done alone but the recommendation of our team is to seek professional help and guidance. If you wish to go about it alone, be sure to follow the following suggestions to get the best results.

  • Acknowledge the trauma in a healthy way
  • Do not isolate yourself, maintain a close circle of trusted family and friends
  • Accept and “let go” of traumas from the past
  • Pick up some healthy habits or hobbies. Increasing your feelings of self-worth can only help.

These methods are perfectly good ways to heal yourself from your childhood traumas. Professional help in the form of counseling from trained experts. Counseling of Southwest Florida offers professional assistance for recovering from childhood trauma.

Our Southwest Florida Counseling Group

If you or someone you know needs professional counseling in Naples’ greater area for recovering from childhood trauma, or any other form of mental health or substance abuse issue, be sure to contact Counseling of Southwest Florida. Our team of experts will work to ensure that your life is put on the path towards health and happiness. Get started today or read some more of our articles to learn more about all things counseling. 


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