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Is Memory Loss a Symptom of Depression?

When addressing the many symptoms of depression there are a few classic symptoms that will always be mentioned whenever the topic rises, notably sadness, anxiety, fatigue, loss of interest, appetite changes, and some physical symptoms such as headaches; but is memory loss a symptom of depression? Counseling of Southwest Florida, a provider of expert drug and mental health counseling in Naples, FL, has decided to tackle the question. This analysis was made in hopes that somebody who may be suffering from a link between loss of memory and depression may recognize whether or not they need assistance in dealing with the condition. 

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Recovering From Childhood Trauma as an Adult

Recovering from childhood trauma is a must for any adult looking to live their life in the most mentally healthy and happy way. If ignored, these traumas could cause other issues such as substance abuse and increase the potential for mental health issues. There are many different types of childhood traumas, and understanding the signs of them and how to then recover from this once identified is a critical first step in the path to a fulfilled adulthood. Counseling of Southwest Florida, providers of professional counseling in Naples’ greater area, present ways to identify and treat childhood trauma in adults in this quick guide.

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signs of alcoholism

Signs Someone is Using

Addiction is far more common than many of us would like to think. This disease affects people of all ages, races, and professions. If you fear that a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, it’s important to know the signs of addiction. Here are major signs someone is an addict, and what to do if your loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol.

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dealing with seasonal depression disorder

How to Deal with Seasonal Depression

If the mid-winter days are making you feel less happy than usual, you’re not alone. You may be suffering from something known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. SAD is a type of seasonal depression that occurs around the same time every year. These winter blues typically begin in the fall, get worse during the wintertime, and end in spring.

Approximately half a million people in the United States suffer from winter SAD, while 10 to 20% may suffer from a milder form of winter blues.1 Just like depression, seasonal affective disorder is more likely if your family has a history of mood disorders.

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Staying Sober During the Holidays

Between family gatherings, holiday parties, and shopping on top of living life going through recovery, staying sober during the holidays can be a challenging feat. However, it doesn’t have to be. Our Florida counseling professionals share tips on how to stay sober during the holiday season, as well as recognizing holiday triggers.

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What is a Dual Diagnosis?

Individuals who struggle with a substance abuse disorder, as well as a mental health disorder at the same time, are diagnosed as having co-occurring disorders. This kind of disorder is also known as dual diagnosis. There are many factors that are considered before a patient is diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder. At our counseling center in Naples, we specialize in treatment programs that can effectively treat these kinds of disorders for all types of individuals.

A dual diagnosis can directly impact your everyday life; however, there are ways you can manage this disease to live happily again. It’s important to know the signs dual diagnosis.

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The Benefits of Individual Counseling

It is unfortunate how many people associated individual counseling with an illness. While it is often used to address mental illness or substance addiction, individual counseling offers many benefits to help people in all walks of life to cope with things like stress, family, emotions, and more.

Counseling of Southwest Florida offers highly specialized counseling services in Naples, Florida that cover a wide array of issues many people face. Our experienced team work 1 on 1 with men and women of all ages to help foster development and growth in many ways.

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CVS Pharmacy Joins the Battle Against Painkiller Abuse

CVS Pharmacy is doing their part to help curb the nation’s opioid crisis. Starting in the new year, CVS is set to become the first pharmacy chain to restrict the amount of prescription painkillers it is willing to honor at a time, limiting patients to just a week’s supply. The change will go into effect as soon as February 1, 2018, reducing their customer supply from 18 days to just 7 days at a time. This change will take place at 9,700 locations across the United States.

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