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What Are the Physical Symptoms of Grief?

Grief can affect the emotional wellness of people like few other emotions can. It is a powerful force that can make your life feel as though it is collapsing in on itself while your body is seemingly unaffected. Unfortunately for those suffering from grief, there are effects caused by grief in the body, and like so many other symptoms of grief, they are not for the better. Everything from grief and tiredness to inflammation has shown a connection. It may be hard to notice the physical symptoms of grief in yourself or a loved one. To combat this, our team of experts has made this overview of what you can look out for.

Can Grief Make You Tired?

The easiest among the physical symptoms of grief to identify is grief exhaustion, a constant state of tiredness that is experienced by grieving people. Grief manifests itself in the far reaches of the psyche, so it may seem impossible for some to sleep during the giving process. This physical exhaustion caused by grief is harmful to your health. The mental effects of grief can be compounded with the mental and physical effects of insomnia, which will make the process of healing so much harder than it should be.

What Else Can Grief Cause?

Although grief fatigue may be the most common among the physical symptoms of grief, it certainly is not the only one that you should look for. The connection between grief and fatigue may be easy to spot, but some physical symptoms of grief can be even more harmful and obstructive to the healing process. Symptoms that are relatively easy to spot, such as a change in appetite or more pressure on the chest than average, are certainly something to keep an eye out for. Seriously harmful symptoms, such as inflammation, can be harder to spot but more dangerous to one’s health in the long run.

The Grief Counseling Naples and Fort Myers Trusts

If you believe you or a loved one are experiencing some of the physical symptoms of grief, be sure to contact the professionals at Counseling of Southwest Florida for all the grief counseling needs you may have. Our team specializes in a wide range of treatments and is ready to put you or your loved ones on the right path to health and healing again. Contact us today to learn more.

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