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Stressed dad sitting at table with child

Exploring the Mental Health of Fathers

“Walk it off!” “Rub some dirt on it!” “Man up!” These are, unfortunately, some of the phrases highlighting a toxic mindset that are taught to boys from a young age. Whether explicitly or implicitly, boys are taught that if they show emotions, they are weak or “not masculine” enough. They are taught to always act tough and to not show if they are sad or upset. These harmful beliefs about how men in our culture are supposed to behave lead to fathers who struggle to acknowledge, communicate, and handle their emotions once they become fathers.

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A family sitting close together. The youngest boy is hugging his father while the mother and older daughter look on smiling

Guide for Talking to Kids About Mental Health

A fact of child-rearing that many parents, guardians, teachers, siblings, and extended family members will have to face is the very real fact that children, just like adults, can experience mental health issues. For this reason, it is very important to understand why talking to kids about mental illness is important and how to explain mental health to a child. To make the process easier, Counseling of Southwest Florida, providers of excellent group, family, and individual counseling in Naples, FL, have created this quick guide to help those looking to learn more about this important aspect of raising a child.

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A mother leaning against a crib while clearly displeased

How to Overcome Mom Guilt?

Maternal guilt is one of the most challenging things for a mother to overcome. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new parent or have been one for many years, you can still be affected. If you are struggling with mom guilt or are simply trying to get a mom guilt definition that explains the emotions of this condition, this guide is for you. 

Counseling of Southwest Florida, a center dedicated to providing help for emotional or substance abuse disorders, has spent years helping people of all backgrounds overcome their traumas and issues. Mom guilt is one such condition, and we are happy to make coping with and understanding it easier for all.

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A firework display of red against a black background

Veterans With PTSD and Fireworks

Do fireworks trigger PTSD in veterans? Not only is the answer, yes, but it is also actually quite common among combatants who are suffering from this affliction. With the lack of information surrounding post-traumatic stress disorder, it is no wonder why it remains an issue to this day. Counseling of Southwest Florida has years of experience treating war vets with PTSD and made this overview of the connection between PTSD veterans and fireworks and how to help in hopes that some of those suffering can receive the help they need.

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Woman acting freed of her burdens in a field with the sun setting in the background.

When Should You Take Mental Health Sick Days?

Every person has been through periods where they have felt at the end of their rope while at work as if they are at their breaking point mentally but do not know what they could do to alleviate the stress that may be a result of that very same job. Whenever you have a string of bad mental health days, everyone needs to know that they always have the option of taking a personal day to themselves. Sometimes all we need is a break. A mental health sick day is not discussed as often enough in the workplace as it should be. The Counseling of Southwest Florida’s team of expert mental health professionals has made this quick guide to mental health days in hopes that they may help make a few more people happier with the information. 

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What Are the Physical Symptoms of Grief?

Grief can affect the emotional wellness of people like few other emotions can. It is a powerful force that can make your life feel as though it is collapsing in on itself while your body is seemingly unaffected. Unfortunately for those suffering from grief, there are effects caused by grief in the body, and like so many other symptoms of grief, they are not for the better. Everything from grief and tiredness to inflammation has shown a connection. It may be hard to notice the physical symptoms of grief in yourself or a loved one. To combat this, our team of experts has made this overview of what you can look out for.
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How Social Media Seriously Harms Your Mental Health

The pros and cons of social media on mental health should not be overlooked by any current, or future use of platforms. Only after weighing the factors involved should continued use be determined, because in many cases, social media seriously harms your mental health. Countless cases show the correlation between social media use and mental health in young adults, fully formed individuals, and even children.
But how social media affects mental health is not being spoken about enough, and this leads to ignorance by users across all platforms. Our masters in mental health counseling have created this breakdown in hopes that the Counseling of Southwest Florida team can help you figure out if social media is good or bad for your mental health.
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bipolar woman looking out window

Bipolar 1 vs. Bipolar 2: A Complete Breakdown

To many people, bipolar disorder is one mental health disorder. They know little about it other than what they see in pop culture and may only know that it has to do with a person’s mood. What these people do not know is that this is only part of the story. Bipolar disorder is actually divided into bipolar 1 and bipolar 2, and the differences matter.


If you have bipolar disorder yourself or are close to someone who does, then you probably already know the discrepancies. If not, do not worry; our Naples mental health counseling center is breaking down bipolar 1 vs. bipolar 2 for you.

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helping anxiety

How to Treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Everyone feels anxious at times, but sometimes your worries and fears can interfere with your everyday life and your ability to relax. If you are constantly worried and nervous, you may suffer from common anxiety classified as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). These feelings of anxiety can be treated with several different approaches.

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girl with rainbow hair screaming

Mental Health Awareness in the LGBTQ Community

To commemorate the Stonewall riots, the month of June is recognized as the LGBT Pride Month. Pride events are held all over the country all month long to recognize the impact that LGBTQ people have had on the community, and the world, since the riots in Manhattan in 1969. Rainbows and glitter and dancing, oh my! But there’s much more to be aware of in the gay community, and it refers to mental health.

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