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How Social Media Seriously Harms Your Mental Health

The pros and cons of social media on mental health should not be overlooked by any current, or future use of platforms. Only after weighing the factors involved should continued use be determined, because in many cases, social media seriously harms your mental health. Countless cases show the correlation between social media use and mental health in young adults, fully formed individuals, and even children.
But how social media affects mental health is not being spoken about enough, and this leads to ignorance by users across all platforms. Our masters in mental health counseling have created this breakdown in hopes that the Counseling of Southwest Florida team can help you figure out if social media is good or bad for your mental health.


What is The Impact of Social Media in Our Life?

There are unfortunate side effects that are felt by users when they’re dependent on this attention or receiving abusive attention from other users which is why social media affects mental health. Social media seriously harms your mental health in instances where self-absorptive attitudes are adopted. This can lead to isolation from others and a more self-centered attitude that can result in the breakdown of real-world relationships. In other cases where online cruelty and bullying arise, the results can be even worse, leading to depression, anxiety, and sometimes self-harm.
Social media has also created an unrealistic view of both people and life experiences. You, like so many others, could start to compare yourself and your experience to those of others. In many cases, dissatisfaction with one’s appearance and life can result from comparison to others on social media have arisen as one of the main reasons social media seriously harms your mental health in the long run.


Are There Positive Effects of Social Media on Mental Health?

Just like anything else in life, there are benefits to social media. A new level of interconnectedness has swept our lives, and as a world community, we have never been seeing and speaking to each other more. On top of a new level of communication, there is also a new ability to learn about different cultures, people, topics, and interests like never before.
Of course, not everything about social media is bad, but be sure to keep yourself in check with your use. Social media seriously harms your mental health, but only if you allow it to.


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