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How Children of Addicts Are Affected

Having an alcohol or substance addiction can be an immensely challenging issue to deal with. It can be a physically, emotionally, and mentally debilitating disease that negatively affects how someone navigates through life. An unintended consequence of having these addictions is how they impact those around you. That is particularly the case when it comes to the children of addicts, where the tumultuous environment these children are raised in causes long-term harm.

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A family sitting close together. The youngest boy is hugging his father while the mother and older daughter look on smiling

Guide for Talking to Kids About Mental Health

A fact of child-rearing that many parents, guardians, teachers, siblings, and extended family members will have to face is the very real fact that children, just like adults, can experience mental health issues. For this reason, it is very important to understand why talking to kids about mental illness is important and how to explain mental health to a child. To make the process easier, Counseling of Southwest Florida, providers of excellent group, family, and individual counseling in Naples, FL, have created this quick guide to help those looking to learn more about this important aspect of raising a child.

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A mother leaning against a crib while clearly displeased

How to Overcome Mom Guilt?

Maternal guilt is one of the most challenging things for a mother to overcome. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new parent or have been one for many years, you can still be affected. If you are struggling with mom guilt or are simply trying to get a mom guilt definition that explains the emotions of this condition, this guide is for you. 

Counseling of Southwest Florida, a center dedicated to providing help for emotional or substance abuse disorders, has spent years helping people of all backgrounds overcome their traumas and issues. Mom guilt is one such condition, and we are happy to make coping with and understanding it easier for all.

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Dealing with A High-Functioning Alcoholic

While many people choose to drink socially, not everyone can handle it. Although they may still be leading a mostly normal life, when your loved one likes to drink a little too much, it can start to cause problems for not just them but you as well. If this becomes the case, your loved one could be a high-functioning alcoholic.

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