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How Children of Addicts Are Affected

Having an alcohol or substance addiction can be an immensely challenging issue to deal with. It can be a physically, emotionally, and mentally debilitating disease that negatively affects how someone navigates through life. An unintended consequence of having these addictions is how they impact those around you. That is particularly the case when it comes to the children of addicts, where the tumultuous environment these children are raised in causes long-term harm.

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Drugs That Cause Skin Picking and Why It Happens

Drugs and skin sores as a result of skin picking are not only a common stereotype related to the people who have substance abuse issues but are also one of the very real physical side effects of the abuse of certain narcotics. Counseling of Southwest Florida has years of experience providing both group and individual counseling in Naples, FL, and has taken it upon themselves to create this quick overview of drugs that cause skin picking and why picking occurs. If you are worried about drug abuse in somebody you know and love, be sure to keep an eye out for pick marks as it could be a sign that drug abuse is occurring. 

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Wellbutrin: The Poor Man’s Cocaine

At first glance, one would believe that Wellbutrin and cocaine have nothing in common. Wellbutrin is a smoking cessation aid that has also been seen to help prevent depression and seasonal depression, while cocaine is an illegal narcotic that famously causes overdoses and addiction. In reality, Wellbutrin snorting as a form of “poor man’s cocaine” has become more and more popular, but why? Counseling of Southwest Florida, providers of expert counseling in Naples, FL, have decided to investigate exactly why people are turning to the poor man’s coke and what they can expect in terms of side effects.Read More

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Dealing with A High-Functioning Alcoholic

While many people choose to drink socially, not everyone can handle it. Although they may still be leading a mostly normal life, when your loved one likes to drink a little too much, it can start to cause problems for not just them but you as well. If this becomes the case, your loved one could be a high-functioning alcoholic.

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