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signs of alcoholism

Signs Someone is Using

Addiction is far more common than many of us would like to think. This disease affects people of all ages, races, and professions. If you fear that a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, it’s important to know the signs of addiction. Here are major signs someone is an addict, and what to do if your loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol.

Signs of Alcoholism and Addiction

When a person is using drugs or alcohol, there may be big changes in their behavior and mood. This is because drugs and alcohol can alter the way a person’s brain functions, resulting in big and often unpleasant changes.1

Signs of addiction include:

  • Drastic weight changes, such as major weight loss or weight gain
  • Track marks, dilated pupils, or a runny nose
  • Drug paraphernalia, like spoons, needles, or excessive pill bottles
  • Sudden behavioral or mood changes
  • New struggles with money or employment
  • Sudden changes in friend groups or social circles
  • Loss of personal grooming habits
  • Tremors, shaking, or increased nausea
  • Alcohol breath or empty alcohol bottles

If you suspect that your loved one is an addict, it’s important to help them get on the right track.

What to Do if A Loved One Has Signs of Alcoholism or Addiction

Signs of alcoholism and addiction indicate that your loved one is in need of help. Even if there are other factors contributing to those signs of addiction, our mental health services at Counseling of Southwest Florida can help your loved one. We offer drug, alcohol, and trauma therapy to help men and women of all ages pursue health and sobriety. We also offer parenting classes to help heal families.

If you believe that your loved one, such as a family member or a spouse, is dealing with substance abuse, help is waiting. At Counseling of Southwest Florida, we can treat the many challenges addicts and alcoholics face. We offer our patients supportive programs and counseling services to help address any mental health and substance abuse challenges. Contact our team at Counseling of Southwest Florida today to learn more about our programs and services.